Bordalo Pinheiro Museum

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Bordalo Pinheiro Museum, Lisbon

The museum is in an early-20th-century mansion

Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro was one of Portugal's most multifaceted artists. Born in Lisbon in 1846, he was a key figure of the late-19th century, working as a painter, potter, journalist, and above all, as a caricaturist. His work is characterized by witty, often outrageous commentary on Portugal's social and political climate of the time (as the country went from monarchy to republic), some of which still applies to present times.

Bordalo Pinheiro Museum, Lisbon

One of the rooms shows the artist's ceramics

His most iconic figure is that of "Zé Povinho," a character symbolizing (or mocking) the everyman. It's been represented in different forms, from newspaper cartoons to ceramics. This museum celebrates Pinheiro's life and art in a 1913 building owned by a friend of the artist, the poet Cruz Magalhães.

Bordalo Pinheiro Museum, Lisbon

Bordalo Pinheiro's cartoons are also on display

There are drawings, paintings and ceramics, including emblematic pieces related to the plant and animal worlds. There is also a library specializing in caricature and ceramics with some of the artist's original publications, as well as a video room presenting a film about Pinheiro and the times in which he lived.
Across the park in front of the building is Pimenta Palace, a branch of the Lisbon Museum, whose gardens include more pieces by the artist.

How to Get to the Bordalo Pinheiro Museum

The museum can be reached by metro on the green or yellow lines (the station is Campo Grande).
You may ride the metro (and the city’s buses, trams, funiculars, and trains) for free with the Lisboa Card.

Campo Grande, 382, Avenidas Novas

Admission and Tickets to the Bordalo Pinheiro Museum

Admission is €3.00. There’s a 20% discount with the Lisboa Card.

It’s closed on Mondays

Attractions Nearby

Cross the park in front of the museum and visit Pimenta Palace, the main branch of the Lisbon Museum.

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