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Tuk tuks, Lisbon

Tuk tuks in Praça do Comércio

You may wonder what these typically Asian vehicles are doing in Lisbon. They are actually quite recent in the city, with the first ones appearing in the late 2000s. They are not public transportation -- they’re operated by private companies and used to take tourists around the city’s narrowest streets where sometimes not even the old trams can get through.

For tourists, these auto rickshaws are a fun alternative to a taxi. However, they can be expensive for short journeys, as most have a minimum charge (usually 10 euros). Drivers are usually young and English-speaking, and trained to provide tourist information. There are no fixed circuits, and passengers always choose the destination. Prices are always agreed before departing, and the drivers point out the attractions along the way.

The most popular destinations are the hilltops of Alfama and Graça, with the viewpoints of Senhora do Monte and Portas do Sol often turning into a tuk tuk parking lot. Locals hate them, but tourists love them. Many also use them to get to Belém, when the price is right and the cost split between the group. Most tuk tuks take up to four passengers.
The noisy and polluting tuk tuks have been prohibited, so most vehicles are electric.

Tuk tuks, Lisbon

Tuk tuks in Chiado

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