Cais do Sodré Station

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Estação Cais do Sodré, Lisbon

Cais do Sodré Station, across the road from Mercado da Ribeira

The Cais do Sodré transportation hub is located on the waterfront, to the west of Baixa (downtown). It consists of a train station from 1928, which is linked to a metro station below it, and a ferry station behind it. Outside are the terminus and stops of several bus and tram routes.

Cais do Sodré train, Lisbon

Train to Cascais, which stops in Belém

The trains are those of the Lisbon-Cascais line, which operates between 5:30am and 1:30am. The ferries link Lisbon to Cacilhas across the river, where there’s a bus terminal with services to the beaches of Costa da Caparica.

Eléctrico 18, Lisbon

Tram 18 terminal next to the train station

Tram 18 to Ajuda departs from a stop to the east of the station, while tram 15 heading towards Belém stops across the street, as does bus 728 that goes in the same direction.
Bus 758 that heads north, past the neighborhood of Príncipe Real and the Amoreiras shopping mall, departs from a stop across the square to the east of the station.

Bus 728, Lisbon

The stop of bus 728 and tram 15 to Belém, outside the station

The metro station is the final stop of the green line, and was inaugurated in 1993, with large tile panels covering the walls, depicting Alice in Wonderland’s White Rabbit running late.

Cais do Sodré Station, Lisbon

There are always long lines by the ticket machines in the summer

In the main hall of the Art Deco train station are ticket counters and several ticket machines (and often long lines of beach-going tourists in the summer). There are also a few shops, a couple of cafés, and a supermarket. The metro is downstairs.

Cais do Sodré Station, Lisbon

Long lines for the ticket office are also common in the summer. Avoid them by acquiring the Lisboa Card.

The train to Cascais and the metro are free with the Lisboa Card. If you don’t acquire that card and need to buy tickets to the Cascais train, be sure to arrive some time before your desired departure time in the summer, as you may have to wait in line for some time.

Cais do Sodré metro station, Lisbon

Alice in Wonderland's White Rabbit decorates the Cais do Sodré metro station

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