Elevador da Glória

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Elevador da Glória, Lisbon

The Glória Funicular and the Street Art Gallery

In service since 1885, this funicular connects downtown’s Restauradores Square to the neighborhood of Bairro Alto at the top of a hill in just 3 minutes. It departs every 12 minutes from both sides, starting at 7:15am on weekdays, 8:45am on Saturdays, and 9:15am on Sundays. The last departure is at 11:55pm on weekdays and Sundays, and at 12:25am on Saturdays.

Ascensor da Glória, Lisbon

Inside the Glória Funicular

At first, it was operated by water counterweight, but has been powered by electricity since 1915. It acquired its current look in the 1920s, when it was painted yellow, but today it’s most often covered in graffiti.

Elevador da Glória, Lisbon

The Glória Funicular at the top of the hill, in Bairro Alto

Part of its 275m-(900ft-) trajectory is a street art gallery sponsored by the City Council, which installed seven panels in 2008. Since then, it has invited different artists to legally show their art on a regular basis. It can be seen on the Bairro Alto side, which is just steps from one of the city’s most beautiful viewpoints, the Miradouro de São Pedro de Alcântara.

Glória Funicular, Lisbon

The Glória Funicular at the bottom of the hill, by Praça dos Restauradores

Elevador da Glória Tickets and Fares

Tickets to ride the Glória funicular can be bought onboard, from the driver. They’re €3.80, and allow you to ride it up the hill and back down (or down and then back up) on the same day.
Those who acquired the 24-hour public transportation card can ride it for free. That’s the “Viva Viagem” card that’s purchased at the metro stations for €6.45.
Tourists with the Lisboa Card also have unlimited rides on this and all other funiculars, as well as all public transportation in Lisbon. The Lisboa Card is a better deal, since it can be purchased for 24-, 48-, or 72-hour periods and includes free or reduced admission to many of the tourist attractions.

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