Belém Train, Trams and Buses

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Cais do Sodré train

Train in Cais do Sodré Station, linking the center of Lisbon to the waterfront district of Belém and the seaside suburb of Cascais

Belém is Lisbon’s westernmost district, about 8km (5 miles) from downtown. It’s home to the city’s most famous landmarks, so it’s a must-see for tourists. Here’s how to get there:

Train to Belém

Inside the train from Lisbon to Belém and Cascais

Inside the Lisbon-Cascais train that stops in Belém

The quickest and most comfortable way to get there is taking the train that departs from Cais do Sodré Station to Cascais every 20 minutes, stopping in Belém just 7 minutes later. Keep in mind, however, that this is the train to the beaches, so any time from April to October you may have to wait quite a while at the ticket counters and machines. You may skip the lines, save time and money, by getting the Lisboa Card, which offers free unlimited rides on the trains, trams, funiculars, metro, and buses.

Trams to Belém

Tram 15 in Praça da Figueira, Lisbon

The departure point of tram 15 in Praça da Figueira

Most people, however, still go to Belém by tram (number 15), which departs from Praça da Figueira and passes by Praça do Comércio. It’s a big modern tram that makes several stops along the riverfront, and reaches Belém in about a half hour. It’s also crowded, so you may have to go standing for the entire journey. In this tram, tickets are not bought from the driver, but from machines that only accept coins. If you have the Lisboa Card you can just scan it, and ride for free.
Tram 18, which departs from a stop next to Cais do Sodré Station, also goes to Belém and stops by the Jerónimos Monastery. However, it does not operate on Sundays or in the month of August. You may buy your ticket from the driver (or ride for free with the Lisboa Card).

Buses to Belém

728 bus, Lisbon

Bus 728 stop in Cais do Sodré

There are also buses to Belém, but they’re just as slow as the tram. You can take number 714 that departs from Praça da Figueira, hop on the 728 that stops outside the Cais do Sodré train station, or on the 727 on Rua Braamcamp by the Marquês de Pombal traffic circle. On the buses you may buy your tickets from the driver, or just scan the Lisboa Card as you step inside.
You know you’ve arrived in Belém when you see the monastery.

Ticket Prices to Belém

Lisbon train tickets machine

Ticket machines with English-language instructions are found at all train stations in Lisbon

Train: €1.35 (+€0.50 for the rechargeable travel card if it’s your first time riding the train) or free with the Lisboa Card
Tram 15 or 18: €3.00 or free with the Lisboa Card
Buses: €2.00 or free with the Lisboa Card

There are also 24-hour public transportation tickets which you can purchase at any metro station (but not on the tram). If you’re just going to ride the buses and the trams, it’s €6.40, but if you plan to take the train (to Belém, Cascais or Sintra), it’s €10.60. Considering that the 24-hour Lisboa Card is €20 but also offers free or reduced admission to the main attractions in addition to free unlimited rides on public transportation, it’s a much better deal getting the Lisboa Card. And it’s an even bigger deal if you’re staying in the city for two or three days, as the 48-hour card is just €34 and the 72-hour just €42. You may order your card here: Lisboa Card