Docas de Santo Amaro

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Docas de Santo Amaro, Lisbon

The Santo Amaro dock is a perfect setting for lunch or an afternoon drink

A group of early-20th-century warehouses of the Port of Lisbon, located below 25 de Abril Bridge, was restored in 1995 and turned into a cluster of restaurants and bars with outdoor seating. All of them offer wonderful views of the bridge and of the marina, and are popular at lunch and dinner time, as well as for drinks in the afternoon and at night. A couple of them specialize in fish, but there are other options of Portuguese and international cuisine.

Docas de Santo Amaro, Lisbon

The warehouses and marina of Santo Amaro

The marina has a capacity of about 330 boats, and is the starting point of sightseeing cruises.

Restaurant in Docas de Santo Amaro, Lisbon

All the restaurants in Docas de Santo Amaro offer outdoor seating

A landscaped waterfront promenade starts here and goes to the neighborhood of Belém. It takes just 15 minutes to reach the MAAT. Locals join tourists, jogging or using the exercise equipment along the way.

Docas de Santo Amaro, Lisbon

Docas de Santo Amaro has the best view of 25 de Abril Bridge

How to Get to Docas de Santo Amaro

The easiest way to reach Docas de Santo Amaro is by train, which departs every 20 minutes from Cais do Sodré. It’s the train to Cascais, which stops at the Alcântara-Mar station in just four minutes. Exit the station to the left, and walk towards the bridge.
Tram 15 and buses 728 and 714 also stop by, but you have to use the pedestrian underpass to reach the docks on the other side of the train tracks. The tram and buses also make several stops along the way, so the train ends up being the best and fastest way to get there, even if you have to wait a while for the next departure.
With the Lisboa Card, you may ride the train, tram, and buses for free.

Avenida de Brasília, Alcântara

Attractions Nearby

In addition to the MAAT and all of the attractions in Belém, you may walk to the Orient Museum (about 5 minutes away in the opposite direction). Across the train tracks (via the underpass) is Pilar 7 - Bridge Experience (the museum of 25 de Abril Bridge) and the trendy restaurants and shops of the Lx Factory complex.

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