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Museu Geológico de Portugal, Lisbon

The museum occupies part of a former convent

It’s hidden on a second floor, on a quiet street, so this geological museum’s extraordinary collection remains a secret.

Geological Museum, Lisbon

A 20-million-year-old crocodile found in Lisbon

Displayed over four halls of a former convent, it has over 4000 fossils, rocks and minerals, many of them unique and rare pieces, discovered since the 19th century in Portugal and abroad.

Geological Museum, Lisbon

A dinossaur footprint in the museum

Among the treasures are fossils of the world’s oldest snakes from 150 million years ago, mammals from the Jurassic period, the head of a gigantic 20-million-year-old crocodile found in Lisbon’s Chelas district, dinosaur legs and footprints, tools and objects used by prehistoric humans, and minerals found in Portuguese mines and in other countries.

Museu Geológico de Portugal, Lisbon

A dinossaur skeleton

It’s a museum that attracts many scholars but very few tourists. However, it’s very much worth visiting, not just to learn about 100 million years of the planet’s history, but also for the exhibition space itself, as it maintains the atmosphere and look of a 19th-century museum.

Museu Geológico de Portugal, Lisbon

The museum has over 4000 fossils, rocks and minerals

How to Get to the Geological Museum

The museum is about a 15-minute walk from the Rato metro station (last stop of the yellow line) and less than 10 minutes from the “Rua Escola Politécnica” stop of tram 24, which departs from Praça Luís de Camões in Chiado.
You may ride the metro and the tram (and the city’s buses, funiculars and trains) for free with the Lisboa Card.

Rua da Academia das Ciências, 19, Príncipe Real

Admission and Tickets to the Geological Museum

Admission is €5.00. It’s not included in the Lisboa Card.

It’s closed on Saturdays and Sundays.

Attractions Nearby

The Botanical Garden and Jardim do Príncipe Real are both about a 10-minute walk away, and Convento dos Cardaes about 5 minutes.

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